Wealth Advisory

Your wealth is what empowers you to take risks. Billfold Wealth Advisory is reliable and trustworthy consultants who offer comprehensive wealth management solutions to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs).

We will demonstrate you on how to make the most of your wealth, while preserving its value for tomorrow when you will be planning out your career, business, family or new venture. Our advisory services comprise of capital gains planning, estate planning and risk management.
Wealth management focuses on

  1. Accumulation
  2. Preservation
  3. Leverage

Growing your wealth, preserving it for your family and leveraging it intelligently is possible only if all the above three aspects are taken into account by your Wealth Management service provider.

Makes your wealth grow

  • Equities
  • Fixed income securities
  • Private equity
  • Mutual funds etc

Lets you preserve

  • Trust services
  • Personal investment companies
  • Universal life plans
  • Retirement solutions
  • Endowment, life and general insurance

Lets you leverage

  • Collateralized trading accounts
  • Portfolio finance and premium financing
  • Other personal line of credit

6 Stock Market Investing Tips

Here are several tips that should be followed by the investors.
  • Set Long-Term Goals
  • Understand Your Risk Tolerance
  • Control Your Emotions
  • Handle Basics First
  • Diversify Your Investments
  • Avoid Leverage

Retirement Advisory

We guide you to effortlessly build your retirement fund with simple solutions, which lets you live with self-respect and satisfaction.

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Insurance Advisory

Life as it presents itself to us; insurance is something you cannot do without. But can you buy just about any? Let's help you there!

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NRI Consulting

Looking for financial planning for NRIs living abroad or those who plan to relocate back to India? Billfold is just the place.

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